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Serving Plumas, Lassen, and Parts of Tehama County. Residential and Light Commercial
Efficient gas and oil furnaces, gas and oil boilers, wood-fired outdoor boiler, oil monitor heater, ductless mini-split, heat pumps, freestanding wood and gas stoves. 
Central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits. 
Ground mount and roof mount solar systems. Can be used for electricity or hot water. Home battery systems. Ask about government rebates. 
Winterizations and de- winterizations. Minor plumbing repairs and installations. 
Ductless high efficiency mini-splits used for both heating and air conditioning. 
Electric, gas, oil, and solar. Tank water heaters and on-demand tankless water heaters. 
Air filtration and humidification systems to meet your indoor air needs. UV light for air purification. 
Custom sheet metal fabrication for all your needs. Gutters, range hoods, flashing, and architectural enhancements. Stainless steel, copper, and galvanized sheet metal
Whole house propane or natural gas generators with auto transfer switch. 10 yr parts, labor, and travel warranty.  
Maintenance plans for peace of mind and protection of your investment. We service all brands and doesn't matter if we did not do your initial install. 
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